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The Art in Science

2023 University of Michigan BioArtography - Call for Images

BioArtography is now collecting digital images for its 2023 collection, which will debut at the Ann Arbor Art Fair in July 2023!

The BioArtography program, a unique blend of art and science, captures the microscopic beauty of cells in their environment, affording the public a deeper understanding of state-of-the-art biomedical research at the University of Michigan. The goal of our program is to provide support for training of the next generation of scientists, while simultaneously informing and engaging the public about important new developments in health and disease.  

Submission Deadline: May 5, 2023

Image Criteria/Submission Info:

  • Please Read BioArtography Image Submission Guidelines 2023 for full details. Any type of image of any type of specimen (except whole embryos or human fetuses) are very welcome!
  • Please email your HIGH RESOLUTION (at least 300 dpi) images to Traci Carulli tcarulli@umich.edu or place them in a Dropbox folder & email Traci

    In the submission email:
    • Please indicate your name/title and which lab/department the image came from.

    • Please give a brief 2-4 sentence description of the image (a more detailed “blurb” will be requested later if your image is selected).

     Additional Notes:

      • If you wish to edit the image in Photoshop, you may do so, but in that case please send both original and altered images. We also reserve the right to alter any image.
      • Please, do not send images that have been published or will be published (unless such images are significantly altered from their published state).

    Selection Determination:

    • All images will be examined by a jury of arts professionals who will select the images to be sold at the Ann Arbor Art Fair and on the website. 
    • Approximately 10-12 images will be selected for the 2023 BioArtography collection. Determination of image selection will be made in June.

     If your image is selected, you must agree to the following:

    1. Sign over the copyright of the image to BioArtography.
    2. Work a shift in the BioArtography booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair (July 20-22, 2023) or substitute a representative from your lab approved by your PI.


      The top 3 images selected by our jury will receive a $100 award! Winners will be notified in June.