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The Art in Science

BioArtography Masks

Women's and Men's Custom Masks in 2 patterns - Bactilluminati and Breathe In


Cyanobacteria form green blooms in marine environments that can grow so massive that they can be seen from space! In this image, we zoom in to see single cells. Just like plants, cyanobacteria are photosynthetic, using light and carbon dioxide to grow. The iridescent outlining of the cells in this image artfully portrays their light harvesting abilities that maximize photosynthesis near the cell membrane. Carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years. Cyanobacteria are major players in the global carbon cycle, removing almost half of the remediated atmospheric carbon dioxide. The Vecchiarelli lab at the University of Michigan is interested in developing these clever Cyanobacteria as a tool to combat climate change.

Bactilluminati Masks

Breathe In

With every breath we take, oxygen is brought into the body and with each exhale, carbon dioxide is removed. For this gas transfer to take place efficiently, the blood vessels must lie very close to the air spaces. This image shows a developing mouse lung, as both blood vessels (a subset of the blue cells) and airway epithelium (red) are actively branching and growing together. While this image shows the beginning stage of lung development, by the time of birth, the final airspaces of the lung (called alveoli) will consist of sac-like structures with extremely thin walls (1/10,000 of an inch thick; for comparison, paper is 1/3900 of an inch thick). Blood vessels are actually embedded in these thin alveolar walls. In severe cases of COVID-19, the virus damages the alveolar lining cells as well as the capillaries. These cells die and cellular debris builds up in the alveolar wall, causing it to thicken considerably. Such damaged thick-walled alveoli cannot function properly in gas exchange, which leads to a condition known as diffuse respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Breathe In Masks

Masks are 100% Cotton and have a pocket into which you can insert a coffee filter for added protection. The elastic ear ties can be knotted for a custom fit.  Also there is a channel along the nose where optional pipe cleaners can be added for a snug fit around the nose.


  • 1st mask is $30.00 (for the initial mask ordered, a mask will also be donated to a homeless shelter)

  • Additional masks are $18.00 

  • 6% Michigan sales tax and a flat rate US Shipping charge of $6.00 will be added to your order

  • BioArtography will contact you with total due and to collect credit card payment

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